Notting Hill Carnival

Lady Slaughter

Carnival Survivor
Here is my rundown:

Friday - took the train down to London, went to the mas camp to collect my costume, notice that they changed the location and so I had to walk about a mile with 3 heavy bags, went 'home' notice that nobody was there and had to wait for over an hour, went to a party

Saturday - Panorama,carried my cam down to take pictures, noticed I forgot the batteries at home, had to go looking for an open store at 9 in the night, finally got them, met a certain IMixer ( :cool: ) and still didnt take out any pictures, catch the last train back home because my other means of transport failed

Sunday - woke up at 8 after going to bed at 2, jumped in the car, went down to the NEXT mas camp, jump out the car and the temperature dropped to about 19 degrees, wait 2 hours for the truck to get moving after they told us to be there for 10, see Machel, took some pics with him, see my cousin cry when she spoke to him, left my cousin because she turned into a blabbering, crying IDIOT after seeing him, get covered in chocolate, take pics, wine, wine, kock back and roll, wine, etc, etc

Monday - woke up 545 after goin to bed 11, reach at the mas camp for 730 and they didnt leave till 830, went on the 1st of the 2 coaches, see the driver take the wrong turn TWICE, reach down at the starting point, notice I not seeing any of my friends, had to pelt away my shades because ah lost one of the screws even before we moved off, finally see my friend, cussway a boy for touching me as though he put me to ripe, cuss way the woman who had our meals and tell her to keep it, meet up a certain IMixer ( :cool: ) start to chip cause my feet were killing me, hit a fat girl cut eye, see my batteries die so ah couldnt take out any more pics, cuss way one of the security men in the band, catch cramp in my leg when i went 'on the ground', nearly miss my coach back up to the mas camp because ah was trying to 'stalk' the truck that Machel was on, reach back mas camp, had to ctch tube by myself for the first time, noticed I was losdt in East London, walked about a mile to find a phone box, tried to call my brother but my mobile battery was dead, prayed as though it was 1st time, miraculously I remembered my brother's number and phoned him, told him where I was and let him come pick me up.

Tuesday- jump on the train and come back home, cuss way thi9s boy who kick me in an attempt to get my attention and then asking me to come sit next to him cause he wanna talk to me.


But all in all it was really really good, I have a few pictures, you all will see them soon.


da sweet one
looks like u had a real eventful and fun weekend... glad to see yuh safe and cant wait to see de pics :D


Dawtah of the Sun
Ms Slaughter Gyal I was waiting.. Miss you Nuh!!! You are nothing but jokes gyal, LOL... you needed a Cameraman to follow you, real' kicks from de camera battery, the cut eye, to the blabbering cuz, lol...! Can't wait to see the pics!


look meh!
Lady Slaughter...what band you played with? Cause all how I look I didn't see you at all, yuh sure yuh was dey?


look meh!
Lady Slaughter said:
nope, didn't see you at all, like yuh was hidin from meh or what?