Need help remodeling the room


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I decided to make a recreation room with a cinema and a small bar out of the basement of my house) Can you tell me a normal company that you can contact with such a question?


What state were you from? Or which country rather? Many interior designers now are doing their living on the internet, so it's easier to look them up and see if someone is near your place.


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I know of a company that remodeled our office and staff room for me. It was important for me to find a good contractor, because we have a lot of companies that are engaged in such work, but I wanted to find great professionals in Buffalo Grove. We then turned to and did not regret it. The work was done perfectly and at the same time quickly. So on my own behalf, I can recommend them to you)


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You can look for an individual designer. I think they charge less than companies and do their work more qualitative. They try to create a better portfolio. That is why their projects are usually creative and unique. If you still need a contact, I will try to find the phone number of the designer I worked. He has created an amazing interior design project for my house. By the way, here are some ideas for you.