Murder attributed to love gone sour


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A love affair gone sour is what relatives of Miguel Modeste believe led to his murder, early yesterday morning. According to reports, Modeste, 25, was in bed at his San Fabien Road, Gasparillo, home with his girlfriend, known only as Jessica, around 4.10 am, when someone knocked on the door and shouted “Police.” When Modeste went to the door, two armed and masked men burst in and ordered him and Jessica to lie on their stomachs. Modeste was then shot in his head and died immediately. The killers also took Jessica’s engagement ring before escaping.

Relatives were struggling to come to terms yesterday with the death. Modeste’s sister Rachael Ann described him as a loving, understanding person, but believed that he made a mistake by getting involved with an older woman. Rachael Ann, who suspected the killing to be a hit, said her brother broke off recently his relationship with the woman. She added that on Saturday, both Jessica and the other woman were involved in an argument and someone subsequently hurled stones at the family’s home. Investigations are continuing.

Murder attributed to love gone sour | The Trinidad Guardian