Minshall Company to set sail with "Ship of Fools"

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I found this in the Guardian online

Minshall company to set sail with ‘Ship of Fools’


Despite reports that he is bowing out, Peter Minshall’s sailor-inspired Ship of Fools will sail on to the Queen’s Park Savannah stage for Carnival.

An official of the Callaloo Company said yesterday members were shocked by a daily newspaper report which claimed Minshall would be a no-show in this year’s celebration.

“I do not know where the (newspaper) got that story from,” the official said in an telephone interview.

“Minshall masqueraders were panicking all over the country.”

The official, who coordinates music for the longtime masman on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, said the decision to compete was made at a meeting of the Callaloo Company yesterday.

Registration for members will begin on February 5 at the corner of Ariapita Avenue and French Street, Woodbrook, opposite the Mas Camp Pub, the official said.

Minshall could not be reached for comment.


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Yesss! The Robber is a happy camper now. I was going to fly back Mon morning but now I go stay until the Thursday after!


could he ever. That man will have to die before it happens. His masqueraders might buss he ass before he do that. The man really have his followers boy


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Yuh cyar believe noting in the damn papers , I put up a post yesterday stating Minshall not coming with a band .......:(