MIA's Urban Beach Weekend


Loyalty to Loyalty
Nice to see black ppl enjoying themselves

look how proud he is to be protecting his queen
look how proud he is to see his brothers green with envy!

look how the white towel is strategically placed so that her tush is protected from the heat and burning

smh she knows that is not a swimsuit


Loyalty to Loyalty
Rainbow brite is real

such grace

yea in this economy y get a new wardrobe if you can still fit into pants you wore at age 10. smart girl

look at the eligible bachelors these girls have to look forward to

Its the queen bee yall

throw a hex on ya whole family
i be dressed in all black like the omen ... :music

OverLord Strum

New member
Shame on you Taj for hating on my "Revenge of the Nottie Nottie's" thread a while back. You are now guily of the same offense.

Smh....this is now the second thread like this....smh