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RE: Muscle tee......nah!

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-21-02 AT 01:49 PM (EST)]Classic T is always the move...
There is somehing about tight up clothes that i don't like..

Here are the rules when it comes to wearing T shirts... The T shirt is supposed to always past your belt, but never beyond 1/4 down your thigh... The sleeves are supposed to reach your elbows or at least close to your elbows. and if its a white T, it must be Icey white and wrinkle free, not mother of pearl white and rough dry. Finally if you must wear a shirt under, make it a vest or if it is another T shirt make sure the collar of the shirt you are wearing under is not peakin above the collar of the outside T-shirt.. nothing worse than a double collar...


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RE: Muscle tee......nah!

LOL..Thanks for the lesson in male T's. I must share this with my male friends and my nephews...

Awright den :)

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RE: Muscle tee......nah!

The tight look... Not for me. Baggy is good but not too baggy so you look like a hungry crack head feinding for a fix.


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RE: Muscle tee......nah!

What store yuh working in .....:) , ah never taught about a tee shirt that way .