March 6th????


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Hi everyone...I've been hearing about this so called fete on March 6th with Machel and Xtatic at the Elite Ark. Does anyone have any info about how much it is and where to get tix? Please let me know thanks.:)


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I will be there

Well I know on march 6, I will be there cuz it is my birthday. And I want to fun and get on bad. It is going to be off the hook. Don't miss it at all. And get there early.

It is going to be insane.

rell people talkin bout this session ah really ha to roll up in they early yes .ah hope ny ppl live up to they reputation ah comin party late cause if they eh open the backyard in the ark ah see that party gettin shut down from early so ah ha to get atleast ah 3 to 4 hours in


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I totally agree with u i myself would be trying to get there early thats if these friends of mine get ready early because we stau stepping in late.. I guess it really be a hot night because i put off my travel arrangements just to go.. ain't that a shame..:D