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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-19-02 AT 01:46 PM (EST)]A question was posed to me this weekend that I've been giving a great deal of thought. I would like for some of the Islandmix family to share their thoughts with me. If you were put in a position where you could make a difference (in your community, in the world, in your country,etc.) what would you do? What would be your top priority?

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Briefly, I would focus on money management (have someone teach people how to make their money work for them), higher education and spirituality.

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Mobilizing the Caribbean community in BK, then eventually all over NYC.

Mobilization, meaning working together to keep our money circulating in our neighborhoods. Policing ourselves (as the jews do)....just building a caribbean economic powerhouse and uplifting ourselves.

I could keep going on, and on but you get the picture.;)
My priority would be educating the youngsters. Basically teaching them about their history so they won't fall into the same traps as their ancestors. Whether it be practical sex education for them or counciling them on how to save their hard earned cash instead of splurging it on whores, cars etc the youth will definitely be the focus. Because if they seek self determination and strive for it then hopefully it will become a habit and be passed on from generation to generation. Amen.

P.S. I might consider this reparations thing too! Black Power! Is a trini that come up with that phrase always sound like something a calypsonian would come up with Black power jump up! Wave yuh rag for black power! Jump up! Anyway i straying i gone now.


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I would go back to Trini and start up a foundation that would help children that are destitute, living with diseases, or orphaned. My focus would be on showing them that there's hope for them and also helping to empower them through education, learning occupational skills, etc. Also providing recreational activities that would help to build confidence in them.

There are so many children in need in the islands. All some need is for someone to show them that they care about them. This does not have to be in a big, elaborate way, but in the most simple of ways.


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I know I've said it 10 million times before, but: Focus on the children -- each one, teach one. Mentoring a child, introducing them to cultures and things other than what they're used to, etc.

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i agree with yank_kitt in that ppl should be taught 2 be financially independent. i'd teach ppl that and i'd also take my money and establish charity foundations 2 help the homeless and lil children. times is hard not only in other countries, but here in the tri-state as well.


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Firstly, I would try to help the problem of racial discrimination, starting with kids, because discrimination grows on you and it's something to deal with a person's mentality. Then another major problem to deal with would be the lack of sexual knowlegde and dealing with AIDS. That's about it for me.
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