Lloyd BEST (RIP)


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Lloyd warmed many hearts

Lloyd Best 1934-2007

Kimberly Mackhan

Wednesday, March 21st 2007

Economist Lloyd Best was praised in the Senate yesterday as senators observed three minutes of silence in his memory.

Best, 73, died at his Tunapuna home on Monday following a battle with cancer.

"We on this side wish to express our deep sadness on the passing of Prof Lloyd Best yesterday afternoon. It is a tremendous loss not only to this country but indeed to the region, and to the world," said Wade Mark.

Known for his radical and non-conventional philosophies, acting Prime Minister Joan Yuille-Williams described Best as a person who had warmed many hearts.

She told members of the Upper House that Best was not only an economist and politician but a publicist, political commentator and philosopher.

"As a (former) student (of Lloyd Best), I can testify that Lloyd Best loved to share knowledge.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends," said Yuille-Williams.

Yuille-Williams also noted that Best, who was the recipient of an island scholarship to Oxford University, returned to Jamaica in 1958 to begin his illustrious career as a Junior Research Fellow at the Institute of Social and Economic Research of the University of the West Indies (Mona).

She added that his contribution was not only academic and pointed out that Best served as an Opposition Senator between November 1981 to January 1983.

"This is a sad, sad day. I offer condolences to the family of Lloyd Best and his friends all over the world. I know the people of the country will not let his work die. His moral courage, his unremitting search for solutions to the social and cultural problems of our society," said Independent Senator Ken Ramchand.

Independent Senator Mary King and Senate president, Dr Linda Baboolal, both described Best as an intellectual giant of the Caribbean.


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very sad lost!

Intellectual yes but Dr. Best was no radical! He was more of an innovator who really understood the caribbean and global economy. Kimberly Mackhan really needs to do the research in her articles!
The lost of Dr. Best is something that we will not understand until we realize that there are very few in the Caribbean who can replace him or even do the damn job!:( :confused


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This is a sad loss. Prof. Best was a great asset to TT, strong in his convictions, unafraid of going against the masses, a wealth of knowledge and true gentleman. He shall be missed.