John McCain Is An Angry Man...


One picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true when trying to understand the personality of a presidential candidate. Therefore, I invite you to view this video I've created from 350 still images of Sen. John McCain during the third presidential debate.

The third debate has evoked comments from both the left and right about John McCain's anger at Barack Obama. McCain's anger was most visible during the segment about negative campaign ads, diverse pundits observed, yet McCain seemed to convey an undertone of aggression throughout the debate.

Accepting that my perceptions may be mistaken, I decided to look closer at the video from the third debate.

Watching the video with the sound off was instructive. I could focus on the emotions conveyed in McCain's face and body language. My impression of McCain being angry most of the time during the debate was not mistaken, I concluded, yet I wanted to be more certain.

Facial expressions change too quickly for serious study. This fact frustrated me until I remembered one of my earliest photojournalism lessons. A still photograph often reveals more of the personalty than a motion picture.

Consequently, I've captured about 350 still image of John McCain from the video shot during the third debate. Keeping the images in chronological order, I created the video above by adding text at the bottom and music in the background.

You might wish to view this video at least twice. On the first viewing, just watch MCain's face. On the second viewing, read the text at the bottom.

Whether you agree with my text or not, John McCain's face speaks for itself.

Please draw your own conclusions about how much anger John McCain carries inside. Decide for yourself if you want to trust his anger management abilities as the president of the United States.

source: Political Issues Examiner: The Real McCain: An original video inquiry into anger management issues
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Juancito Trucupey

Hadha min fadhle Rabbi
And I'm angry that he won't go sit his old ass down somewhere...The sooner he does the better off we would be. I know deeeeeeeeeeep down tha those same republicans really don't want him in office BUT they would rather deal with another great depression ((worst than the first)) than see a black man in office. He talks about breaking up "the good ol' boys network" but he is apart of it. **steups** The onlyyyyyyyy reaction I want to see from this man is the one that will be on his face when they announce Barack won.

Shandy 2.0

God is my pilot
I don't need a bunch of still shots to see that McCain is one angry, bitter old man. I'm pretty sure if that debate went on any longer he'd slip up and really get nasty with Obama.

and let's not forget, the Vietnam war was not an easy war to fight or get over. I had classmates who would tell me stories of thier fathers waking up with nightmares over it, and how many Vietnam vets still suffer from PTSD. Why should McCain be any different. I really don't know if I want someone who appears mentally unstable in charge of the security of the country I live in!