iPhone 4S dying in no time lately


i'm posting this here b/c i'm not sure how many ppl look at the tech forum. why in the world is my phone dying so quickly these days? i haven't noticed that i'm doing anything much differently than before (i have tons of pics, yes), but i end up having to charge it at least 2x/day within the past few weeks. i used to have to just charge it at night. i'm trying to close apps once i'm done using them, i have the location services turned off, etc. my sister said something about after having used it in st. lucia, it dies more quickly. is there any truth to that-- going from one network to another can cause your phone to lose battery life at a higher rate?

i just turned down the brightness on my screen. let me see if this helps at all.

is anyone else experiencing this issue w/ any iphone? if so, how did you get to save your battery throughout the day?
Shut off wireless if you do not need it. Otherwise it will drain the battery trying to search for wireless that may not be available.


@dedetriniking-- i don't have it on. matter of fact, i never use it.

Shut off wireless if you do not need it. Otherwise it will drain the battery trying to search for wireless that may not be available.
aight-- i'll try this. i've been told but didn't think it made a difference


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It could be hardware..

Or it could be a bad jailbreak if you did jailbreak that is.

If gps is on it constantly searches in the background for your location.. If your warranty still fresh on time replace your idevice n transfer your files from the cloud.

By the way the new blackberry looks impressive

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Question 1: How old is the phone?
Question 2: Do you continually "bump charge" your phone?
Question 3: Have you installed any applications lately?
Question 4: Have you changed display brightness on your phone?

Batteries have a life expectancy (especially lithium-ion batteries). Bump charging (not letting your phone run down from time to time and just plugging in when you see an outlet) has an adverse effect on lithium-ion batteries and lowers life expectancy. Also applications can cause issues like not let your phones processor go into deep sleep.

The best thing to try is to calibrate your battery. This is because sometimes the OS loses track of how much charge your battery actually has. You can do this by following these instructions.

Run the battery of your phone completely out. In other words use the battery until the phone shuts off on its own. Then plug the phone in and let it charge to 100% without interruption (do not turn phone on, do not unplug before it gets to 100%). After this, hold the power and home buttons until the phone resets itself.

I would advise running it out before bedtime and letting it charge overnight. Make sure you use an adequately powered USB port on your computer or even better use a wall charger.