insidious watch this..


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they talking sense or nonsense..? this guy got some good videos on his youtube channel.

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have u been harrassed?

what do u mean harassed?

I don't see it, and never have seen it as being harassed.

My issue with these complainers is that they don't keep it REAL.

Keeping it real is Telling the whole story and presenting the whole picture.

Like...for every time you got stopped by the police and had nothing illegal on you or wasn't doing anything illegal. How many time you didn't get stopped, while having something illegal on you, or were doing something illegal.

I.E. walking the street with Mace/Boxcutter/Knife/in possession of drugs & alcohol. Driving with no license/suspended license/a permit with no adult in the car. When through a red light/made an illegal u-turn/drunk and then drove/drinking and driving at the same time. Doing graffiti/littering/cutting school and walked by the cops with out being stopped/etc.

Point being for every time someone claims that they were so called harassed...there are 3 or more instances where they were dead wrong and didn't approached by cops. There were times as a yute where I'm walking with my boyz, and cops roll up on us. Commence the searching, find Butcher knife, Big Rambo Knife, Box Cutter, Nunchuks, Mini baseball bat, Weed, "D" Batteries or Masterlock in a sock, etc. and would toss them sh!ts in the bushes. Ask us specifically...."Where the crack and the guns?".....We say we don't know, that's not our lane. They would say.."Ok, you can grab your stuff when we pull off." But see...they don't tell you about that side of the story.


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True :drag:...and FUK them damn traffic light cameras :shout:...they killing my pockets! steeeeeeeeewps :no2: