I Am A West Indian When.......



I don't walk on the sidewalk ... I walk on pavement.

You know that bake is not baked!!

You know what it is like to be "sent for the belt"!!

I beleive that children need discipline.

I walk with my own pepper sauce!!

"A beer is a carib".... so is : Stag, Banks, Red Stripe, Guiness, Hairoun, Royal Extra but these are also refreshments: ... Ting, Chubby, Mauby, Irish Moss, Sea Moss.

Sorrel is a christmas drink, not eggnog.

I soak my cake in rum!!

West indian topics of debate are: 1. Rice and peas or.. Peas and rice?? 2. Pelau or cookup rice? 3. Curry chicken or chicken curry?

When I reach home I change into my home clothes!!

Licks is not a restaurant.

Eeveryone is your aunt, uncle or cousin!! (courtesy family)!!

Moth balls are everywhere in your house.

You have a freezer in your basement

Shadow is is not a ghost .. But a jumbie or duppy might be!!

No matter how old you are, you call your parents mummy and daddy.

You know the meaning of "dahl", "channa", "anchar", "kurma" and "buss-up-shot".

You love soca (goes without saying).

You can call your fellow country man by an ethnic name fondly and it would be okay. eg: darkie, reds, dougs, chinee-man, yellow, creole, red-man, white-boy.

"You betta study yuh book"

When you get 98 out of 100 on a test.. Yuh parents ask you "what de ass .. happen to the other 2 marks??"

someone in your family is a mechanic.

You don't go to the grocery store you go to the market to make groceries.

You know that bake goes with: bigon, bulljol, smoke herring, salt fish.

You wash and re-use plastic and

styrofoam cups..to go with the plastic take-out spoons and forks cutlery set in the draw.

t is not vegetables it is veg-e-tables

Tripe is a delicacy, fish is brain food.

Castor and cod liver oil is good for you.

You have a wall unit in your dining room filled with the "good dishes"!!

You know the difference between wine, whine and wine!!!

You or someone in your family has a cd or mini boxing gloves with your island's flag on it hanging from the rear-view mirror in your car.

I don't photocopy.... I xerox!!


who Jah bless no man cus
I love it :grin:

I am a west indian when ya get me madd I give ya some good cuss words.

I am west indian when ya getting licks with the cou-cou stick.


Official Winin' criminal
some of dem thing so true but i dont agree with the last one who d ass does say xerox??? i does say photocopy but most of dem true!!