HOW WAS THE ARK???????????



AMPRINCESS ask allyuh a question and I see like no one want to answer her, so probably allyuh will answer me!!!!!!!!! HOW WAS THE ARK LAST NIGHT I WANT TO KNOW IF I MISS ANYTHING


[updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-30-02 AT 11:50 AM (EST)]Well arite den! i've had many more memorable moments in dat place but de truth is ah was'n lookin for much last nite. Ah figured it was goin to be a nice likkle fete an give me a excuse not to go to work today. Anyway, here's de deal:

- Denise ent perform
- What Ruckus sayin bout de live band is true (would've been much better than performin to tracks)
- De Xtatik front line seem like dey was tired, maybe twas de trip from TO
- i ain't a big fan of his but Red Rat was de bes part ah de show. Yaadie reppin! yeh-yeh! :)

Dat was pretty much it. i ain't complainin doh since like ah said ah was'n expectin, much an after ah knock back a couple old oaks an mount gays ah had a pretty good time.

Ah hope Executive b'day bash turns out to be a better miami send-off.