How Green Tea Benefits Your Health


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People have been talking about green tea benefits for many years now, and with over a decade of research on the health benefits of green tea, it’s easy to see why so many people regularly drink it.

From it’s potential as a cancer cure and fighting off heart disease to lowering cholesterol, burning fat, preventing diabetes and strokes – green tea has a lot of use in a healthy, balanced diet.

What Exactly Is Green Tea, Anyway?

Green tea is made using the leaves of the Chinese Camellia sinensis plant that are then applied to heat quickly after picking, either by steam or by dry cooking in hot pans. These methods minimizes oxidation, which is what is thought to give the green tea benefits we have heard so much about.

The good news is that health professionals agree that a daily dose of green tea benefits your health in a number of ways.
Whether you choose to drink green tea daily, choose a high-quality health supplement that includes green tea as an active ingredient, or you do as I do and combine the two together for the best possible results – green tea is amazing for your health.

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea That Everyone Can Enjoy

I have read a great deal on the benefits of green tea and the studies and science behind it are compelling. Based on everything I’ve read, I agree with the scientists, nutritions and healthcare professionals that it really is beneficial to your health.

The majority of green tea benefits seem to stem from the powerful antioxidants, called catechins, which scavenge your cells for free radicals that could otherwise damage DNA, and contribute to cancer, blocked arteries and blood clots.

Because of the minimal processing – leaves are steamed instead of fermented – green tea catechins are unique and contain a more concentrated form of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is the active ingredient that many studies have highlighted as the driving force behind green tea benefits.

Green tea’s impact on cancer and heart disease seems very promising, and many people have experienced life changing benefits as a result of taking it daily. Below is a comprehensive list of benefits you will attain with a regular dose of green tea.
  1. Lowers your risk of cancer. Although the studies of how green tea affects cancerous cells are still in their infancy, there have been human trials which indicate that it does inhibit cells from developing cancer. EGCG in green tea regulates and inhibits cancer growth by killing cells that are growing inappropriately. In Japan, a study of 500 women with Stage I and Stage II breast cancer found that increasing their green tea consumption before and after surgery significantly lowered the risk of recurrence. Another analysis of 22 studies of the correlation between green tea and lung cancer concluded that by increasing your intake of green tea by two cups a day may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer by 18%.
  2. Eases the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Study results reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that polyphenol antioxidants in green tea benefits suffers of arthritis by reducing the incidence and severity of the disease. EGCG protects cartilage destruction and reduces joint swelling and pain. This leads many scientists and health professionals to recommend green tea as a legitimate remedy for treating arthritis.
  3. Stabilizes your cholesterol levels. Researchers believe that green tea lowers your cholesterol levels by reducing its absorption in your digestive tract and increasing the rate of which it is excreted. However, your body does need cholesterol to build cell membranes, insulate nerve fibres and create hormones. For this, green tea benefits you by preventing the conversion of LDL cholesterol into it’s more dangerous, oxidized form. Oxidized LDL is one of the main factors in the development of atherosclerosis (the build of plaque that blocks your arteries as LDL gets sticky and clings to your artery walls) and increases your risk of heart attack or stroke. The amazing antioxidant effects of green tea protect this, helping to keep your arteries clean.
  4. Prevents cardiovascular disease. A Japanese study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed significant reductions in deaths from cardiovascular disease among green tea drinkers. The study found that over an 11 year test period, individuals who drank more than 5 cups per day had a 16% less chance of mortality and mortality related to cardiovascular disease when compared to individuals who drank less than one cup per day. They also found that green tea was especially beneficially in preventing strokes, due in large part to the antioxidants and how they prevent clogged arteries.
  5. Boosts your immune system. Catechins, the antioxidant polyphenol compounds, have been shown to have a major impact in your immune system. Research conducted by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2003 revealed that theanine, found in green tea, boosted the activity of the gamma delta T cells that form part of our adaptive and innate immunity. The study followed a group of coffee drinkers and a group of tea drinkers who each drank 600ml of their drink daily. Blood samples taken four weeks later quite clearly showed that production of these anti-bacterial proteins were five times higher in those drinking tea.
  6. Promotes weight loss. Both green tea and green tea extract have been shown to fight obesity and lower LDL cholesterol – both of which ultimately lead to a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes. The polyphenols in green tea are extremely useful for dissolving triglycerides, a substance in the liver and small intestine made up of mostly sugar and fat, and this is thought to be the reason green tea benefits fat loss. EGCG is also known to stimulate your metabolism and accelerate weight loss. When combined with the caffeine in green tea, this causes your central nervous system to release fat into the bloodstream to be used as fuel which burns your body fat off.
  7. Reduces tooth decay. Antibacterial properties found in green tea are also used by your body to kill the bacteria that causes plaque on your teeth. Research by the Journal of Periodontology has also shown that for every cup of green tea you drink, there is a decrease in indicators for gum disease. Fluoride is also found in green tea which helps to protect against cavities.
  8. Effective in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. In 2007, Dr. Orhan Aktas from the Institute of Neuroimmunology conducted a study of how green tea benefits sufferers of multiple sclerosis. While current patients do not have many options to prevent tissue damage and disability, he found that the flavonoid EGCG found in green tea could have a huge impact on multiple sclerosis. He concluded that EGCG is capable of directly protecting against neuronal injury in living brain tissue and that EGCG constituents may open up a new therapeutic avenue for treating MS by combining anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective capacities.
  9. Slows the onset of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A recent report published in the journal Phytomedicine has found substantial evidence that the enzymes found in green tea protect your brain cells from damage. Another study conducted by the University of South Florida looked at the effects of antioxidant EGCG. It was shown to be a protein blocker which prevented the chemical reactions that can lead to nerve damage that can lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  10. Fights the cause of allergies in your body. Methylated epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) has been shown to block a cells receptor involved in producing an allergic response. By blocking the production of histamine and immunoglobulin E (IgE), two compounds in the body that are chiefly involved in triggering and sustaining allergic reactions, EGCG could very well be the compound which prevents you from having watery eyes, sneezing and coughing.
  11. Helps to fend off infections. Again, as one of the main benefits of green tea, EGCG has been highlighted by a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology as being able to prevent infections, including the HIV virus. EGCG binds with CD4 immune system T-cell receptors and stops HIV from doing the same to reduce the risk of infection. While it is still way too early to peg green tea as a cure for HIV, an Egyptian study has shown that combining antibiotics with green tea significantly boosts the effectiveness of the antibiotic. In fact, when tested against 28 disease-causing microorganisms, green tea enhanced the bacteria killing power in every single case.
  12. Reduces and prevents acne. Green tea benefits acne in a number of different ways. It’s antibacterial properties attack and kill the acne bacteria while the anti-inflammatory benefits of green tea reduce the swelling and redness. Antioxidants fight against free radicals which damage the skin and make it more susceptible to acne also help to balance hormone levels to help prevent future breakouts from happening.
  13. Slows the aging process to prevent wrinkles. One of the latest benefits of green tea is the effect it has on your skin and the aging process. It is again down to the antioxidants that prevent cell oxidation and damage that can make you look older than you really are. Studies are mixed on this particular green tea benefit as new research has come to light which suggests the full benefits can only be had by applying green tea topically to your skin. However, many people have found that potent green tea extracts do have a positive effect on their skin, leaving it softer, more supply and younger looking.


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There has been some new information that shows that green teas can help with weight loss. Green leaf tea appears to increase the metabolism so that you burn more calories which help you lose weight. Green tea has also been found to be an ingredient in many skin care products and also can stop food poisoning and kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay.


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:pig_ball: thanks!

i love green tea..i have a cup or two each morning...trick is, you must leave the sugar..i see nuff women round my job drinking the tea, but adding googobs of sugar to it and scrunching thier face when i leave the machine with mine natural.


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:pig_ball: thanks!

i love green tea..i have a cup or two each morning...trick is, you must leave the sugar..i see nuff women round my job drinking the tea, but adding googobs of sugar to it and scrunching thier face when i leave the machine with mine natural.

yeah I've seen that a few times too which just totally kills the blood sugar lowering and weight loss effect of the tea. :(


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I should add. the first 10 days I started drinking green tea on a regular basis awhile back, about 7 pounds fell off with me noticing. I went to put on a pair of pants, and I had a WTF moment cause they were so loose! lol


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STOP IT! :kicks

its really not bad without sugar......but then again bitter tastes dont bother me. :grin:
That's the thing I don't like bitter. I will say drinking 3 cups a day helped me get in a pair of slacks, and noticed changes in how my dresses fit.


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Here is really nice and most informative post. I am totally agree with you all. Green tea is most effective and healthy drink to use for weight loss or also helps you to burn your extra body fat. Actually its boost your metabolism. I think you should must have to drink 1 to 2 cups of that tea in a day.

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Tea is widely consumed beverage in the world. There are three types of tea that are commonly drink: White Tea, Black Tea and Green tea. Drink at least one mug of green tea to live healthy.Green tea is good to lose weight, improve mental health and heart functions and prevents from many diseases.
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Green tea has a number of benefits for our health and fitness.
It is good for the heart health because it controls the cholesterol level and reduce the risk of the heart stoke.
It also good for the weight control purposes because it burn the fat in all body and reduces all unnecessary weight. It also reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer.


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Thank you LB for sharing this post about green tea benefits. No doubt that green tea is best herbal tea and helps us in fat burning process. Green tea is good for skin and removes acne. So it is good to drink green tea daily.


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Thanks for the thread. I love green tea and it's good to know more interesting info about it)


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Green tea is made utilizing the leaves of the chinese camellia resolute plant that are then connected to warm rapidly in the wake of picking, either by steam or by dry cooking in hot skillet, these techniques limits oxidation, which is what is thought to give the green tea benefits we have heard such a great amount about...



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Green tea is the most beneficial refreshment on earth. It is stacked with cell reinforcements and supplements that effectsly affect the body. These incorporate enhanced mind work, fat misfortune, a lower danger of disease and numerous other great advantages. The following are 10 medical advantages of green tea that are upheld by studies.


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Green tea has additionally been appeared to help obstruct the arrangement of plaques that are connected to Alzheimer's illness. Green tea appears to enable keep to glucose stable in individuals with diabetes. Since catechins bring down cholesterol and circulatory strain, they can help secure against the harm a high-fat eating routine can cause, Ochner says.



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I don't believe that green tea can reduce the risk of illnesses, but it still tastes well. And it's more healthy drink than cola or whatever.