How do you recover from.........


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I find taking a caffeine pill before going to bed helps a lot. I can get in a couple hours sleep & wake up right away when the alarm goes off.


trini_chic said:
i went cafe omar:D now i have to pay :(
I always wanna stop by there on Sun but I can't stay too late like that :( is anyone actually there early?


loving my blessed life
trini_chic said:
late night fete with work early the next morning

;) Im so tired this morning;)
coffee, skittles, twinky, anything sweet, gives you energy, I learned that one recently..


One Eye Monster Inc..
trini_chic said:
i think they had your usual trini sunday food i didn't eat anything :(
*Wait you went to ah fete were they serving food for ah dollar an you ain't eat*Puts hand on trini chic forehead to see if she is feelin well*