How did you get here in these United States


How did you get here... If yuh born here how it is yuh parents came here ... if yuh in NY,TO,MTRL,FLA,WEST COAST etc..

What was the factors that caused your family to migrate ...
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Dad was involved with NAR who were having issues at the time....

College education for my siblings and I.....

Times were getting hard back home (1989), especially Belmont.....

If we left exactly one year later, I know my dad woulda been a victim of the coup, so thank God we moved when we did yes
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I am american but my Mom moved to the states very young through Job Corps. She didn't see any future for herself in St. Thomas (she moved there from St. Kitts when she was about 11).


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My parents moved to St. Croix, some moons ago. I think moms, was 18 so pops would have been 23. My father went there to look for work with some of his friends. Mummy went to stay with her aunty and hook up with the Mr. and been there since. I came to Tampa, to finish my education on the urging of some neighbors from stx.


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born here in the concrete jungle of brooklyn. parents moved here back in the late 60's from tnt. times were hard back then, so migrating here 2 the states 4 a betta 'opportunity' and life was their goal. sure came a long way.