How big is too big?

Which would you prefer?

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What is your max weight threshold for women you would pressure de draws?

poll takes into consideration that height is important so for argument sake, the height is 5'5-5'10
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150 is good size. above that is pushing it. then other things come into to play like height and built. since muscle weigh more than fat she have an athletic build and be tall so above 150 is a case by case scenario


I like my shorties 5'0 - 5'4 to be no more than 125

Then comes the avg height 5'5 -5'8 145

And then the tall chicas 5'9 - 6'0 175.

anything heavier and there comes into play the suffocation factor.:sorry:


I have a breddren that is 5'7 150 and he only deal with woman that 250lbs and better.

NO joke.

Nearly get into a fight with this girl cousin, cause she thought he was makin fun of her, if she only knew the man was dead serious. She was 6'1 275 ad she was runnin from him in the party like he was Jason from friday the 13th.

Funny as Hell to see.