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45-year-old man from St. Joseph says he has stopped driving at nights because he is always meeting an old lady trying to cross the road on the Layou highway.

“Night rides done for me… I tired see that old lady… why she waiting on me to come to cross?” asked the bewildered man.

The St. Joe man said he has never seen her in the day.

Asked whether the woman is dead or alive, he said: “It has to be dead woman. I don’t stop to see. I drive fast. I don’t know if anyone else see her. But she has to be dead. How she know I does come that way at that time? I drive anytime and I see her all the time.”

He said he first saw her in July 2009 and did not see her crossing the road again until December after which she started to appear whenever he drives on that route, close to the bridge.

“The first time I was thinking that must be a paro man or some old lady looking for a goat or something… but the second and third time it seem strange cause she always dress in the same clothes,” he said.

Asked what type of clothes she was wearing, he said: “Old market clothes… I don’t see nobody wearing that clothes these days… only back in my time as a young boy.

Asked if he knows of any deaths in the area, he said: “I don’t know… of anyone dying there… but I really want to know why is me she checking…. I don’t like old woman.” :rofl:

The puzzled man said he sought medical help and has spoken to a pastor about it, but despite all that he won’t be traveling at nights anytime soon – at least in the Layou area.

BeffNews is hoping that if the old lady is reading this, she will come forward and give her side of the story…. once she appears only once!

:rofl: too much free time paps that is jokes