Happy Birthday HornaMan4Hire!!!


~*~In the Mix~*~
I hope you enjoy your day sweetheart & I wish you many many more.....bless!!!

btw...I have a nice dance waiting just for you...:cool:

:bday :luv :bday

Uncle Wiz

Doing Something...
Happy B-day hornaman...
While yuh celebratin can i have meh woman back? :confused

Enjoy yuh day boss!


Dawtah of the Sun
Sugahkhayne said:
happy birthday horna man aka vincybwoy42...LMAO..yes ya busted
You are so wicked Khayne!! HORNABOSSVINCYBWOYMAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAHLIN!! hope yu have a blessed one and tek care!! muwah!!!

Miz R

[SUMMER BODY] - on hold
Happy Birthday...enjoy

:bday :bday :bday damn...it have reall plenty aries in here....

Mystic Xtremist

Happy Earthday breddren!!!! Maybe the Knicks will give u a run as a belated present..... :O (hope springs eternal)....