Hair and Skin care (dreadlocks + braids)


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Ok people interested in dreadlocks hair care and Nubian skin care......I have a new website for you. If your interested in starting or maintaining your dreadlocks
go to Peace & Blessings Hair and Skin Care they do an extraordinary job and are very price affordable. you can schedule a consultation online and make an appointment, there are some picture samples of her work in the photo gallery. Also they have the products for sale online for Nubian(Black) hair care and skin care, Shea Butter,and the very best in natural soaps:
Shea Butter & Aloe Vera
Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E
Honey & Almond with Black Seed Oil
Oatmeal & Vitamin E
just to name a few, also there are Incense and Aromatherapy Oil so check it out my sisters and brothers
Peace & Blessings Hair and Skin Care


candy girl
O thanx, yeah shea butter is really good for your skin. I use in my hair and lips (the unrefined shea butter).


I've heard about the benefits of shea butter as well, but only for hair. Is it good for the skin? I have some problems, so I wonder if I could use it.


I used shea butter to boost my skin moisture, and it worked, but only for that. My skin was also dull, but this butter did nothing about it, so I believe you can use it only as a moisturizer. Dermal Repair Complex helped me a lot with my dull skin, so I think if you have the same problem, you should consider this supplement.