Guiliani Wants T&T Crime Busting Job

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Giuliani wants TT crime busting job

By Gail Alexander

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his firm have officially offered to assist Government and the business community in solving the local crime crisis, as well as other related problems.

The proposal from Michael D Hess, senior managing director of Rudy Giuliani and Partners, was sent to National Security Minister Martin Joseph, yesterday.

Giuliani and members of his team, including former NYC police chief Bernard Kerik, visited T&T recently, to speak about crime prevention.

However, Prime Minister Patrick Manning dismissed the visit and Giuliani’s methods, adding that what may have worked in NYC would not necessarily work here.

Despite that, Giuliani’s company has officially offered its services for a six-month project with immediate effect.

If accepted, the team will stay in T&T for the period, the proposal states.

The offer, according to the team’s proposal, involves working to:

• reduce crime;

• improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the protective services through faster response to emergencies, greater support and faith in the police by the public, and more efficient, systematic methods in reducing and solving crime, introduction of the COMPSTAT programme;

• ensuring large organisations, especially in the business and energy sectors, are prepared for the unforeseen eventuality of natural or man-made disasters which result in major losses, due to malicious damage, armed robbery and looting.

According to the proposal, the team suggests a plan similar to what they recommended in Mexico City in October, 2002.

That city also suffered from gang violence, kidnappings and general disorder, and a group of officials representing the public and private sectors retained Rudy Giuliani and Partners to analyse the situation and make recommendations.

Mexico City has implemented many of the 146 recommendations which the team remained in Mexico to help put into effect, Giuliani’s proposal states.

Any T&T engagement would be similar to the Mexico model, the team stated. They believe that a seasoned team of successful professionals must be at the core of T&T’s crime combatting effort.

Giuliani’s team also specialises in handling cruise vessel emergencies, cases of water disruption and civil disturbances.

If engaged, the team would visit T&T several times to understand, analyse and assess the policies, practices and structure of local police force and the nature of criminal activity here.

The team will then prepare a report of their findings and recommendations, which will include suggested strategies for:

• improving law enforcement operations, including developing, co-ordinating and implementing NYC’s successful management model for ensuring establishment of a lasting structure for public accountability.

• approaching challenges specific to T&T - such as ethnic conflicts, the recent wave of kidnappings and murder rate increases.

• attacking issues dealing with the quality of life by confronting smaller crimes that communicate a message of targeting pickpocketing and muggings, auto theft, property crimes and burglary, public disorder and gang violence.

• generating public support and confidence in T&T’s crime fighting approach, which will use a method of measuring, accountability and communicating trust to help instill trust in local police.

• changing perceptions, including developing an organised media campaign to inform the global community of efforts being taken against crime. The team believes a safer, more secure country would assist T&T its initiative to secure the FTAA headquarters bid.

The team’s proposal also states that the group is well qualified to assist in the building of a core group of senior law enforcement officials and managers, whose assistance could include recruiting, training and promoting.

The group has also offered to assist T&T in creating boards or support groups that focus on security and business development issues and to help facilitate the involvement and support of business/industry leaders.

Former National Security Minister Howard Chin Lee had expressed interest in such initiatives several times when first informed that Giuliani was coming to T&T, officials close to the team said yesterday.

“But considering some views in Government, it got nowhere. However, we still hope new National Security Minister Martin Joseph, a methodical man, may be able to see the value of this and take it further,” a source said.


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