GOOD Friday what did you learn pon IMIX


that there are some total bytches on imix and i do not mean the women... smh
there's a way to rationalize and justify date rape
apparently VI people fight among each other.. British and American.. who knew...


change is up to us...
I learn that dont care how much you shout or how animate how get... you can't sway a person in their views or believes...

this whole gay marriage is something very serious...

Essential Flower

(((Natural creation)))
That you should never give up your traditional Good Friday meal of well sauteed smoked herring, mackerel, salt fish in olive oil with lots of onion, garlic, sweet and flavor peppers etc. or simply fresh caught fish with sides of ground provisions, coconut dumpling etc. (also freshly made fruit juices) for KFC or beef and pork which is forbidden on that day. Also... Some lost the traditional setting up of a glass of water with the egg white in it outside just before the sun rise to see what forms inside for you.