Gi way deh saltfish....


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I vex, I vex,
I really really vex!
She gi way the steam fish,
I don't mind that
She gi way the goat water,
I don't mind that.
But how deh hell she go gi way deh saltfish?!?!
how deh hell she go gi way deh pork?!?!
how deh heck?!?

:kicks I love this song by Onyan and Burning Flames


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damn, I just heard on ABS tv on the net for the first time...sweet

Now I vex cause dem need to find some way of release their album earlier


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tune sweet for real, I think it's been out for a few weeks when they released their whole album. I just heard it yesterday on a St. Kitts radio station, then realized that I have it on a mix.

I think the actual name of the song is "gi way deh pork".