George Floyd died after a White officer kneeled on his neck for several mins


Resilient B!!!!!

Should the families and public be satisfied over the expeditious response leading to the firing of the four officers: considering history where countless protesting had to invoke any form of (impartial) justice? Will that be ample? Would you say that the justice department is becoming more conscience of police brutality and racial marginalization that the FBI is on this case?

Do you think that they will prosecute these four officers and precisely find the one who knelt on the victim's neck guilty of manslaughter or murder? Or would they just do their customary; and slap the officers (categorically White officers) on the wrists and set them free to live their lives after causing the death of an unarmed Black man?

Seriously outrageous and enraging to watch. This sort of behavior begs the question: are these officers mentally impaired? It baffles me that someone would hate a human being base on the color of the skin.

PS. The death of Mr. Floyd occurred on May 26, 2020; news of the four officers termination from the Minneapolis police department arrived today, May 27th, 2020.