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bkhoney said:
me and u already have beef so i suggest u watch ur mouth :(
ova what now?
enlighten muh or pm muh so de peepahs doan find out de same time as me.


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CalypsoQueen83 said:
What is the best match for a gemini?????????? :swoon2:
A Libra...My honey is a Gemini...:kicks

Astrologically, this combination of two air signs is considered to be an excellent one which can lead to a long and happy marriage. Gemini and Libra have much in common but also enough contrasts to make for an ideal partnership. Since Libra is ruled by Venus and Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planetary configuration is generally perceived as perfect. The intellectual and artistic interests here are compatible and Gemini's dual nature is understood by the Libra individual. This is likely to be a light-hearted and lovely affair, one in which neither is combative since they probably agree on almost everything. This will also be an affectionate and fun-loving pairing with both partners being fond of the social life, entertaining and travel.

In a sexual sense, both Gemini and Libra are fervent without being either jealous or demanding. Since Libra natives are very considerate and compromising individuals, there will be a strong desire to please the Gemini partner coupled with a willingness to cater to the Gemini taste for experimentation. In short, this combination makes for a stimulating relationship since each sign compliments the other and brings out the better part of the other's nature. Gemini finds it easy to communicate with Libra, who is only too happy to share information and ideas, and is easy-going enough to "roll" with the many moods of Gemini. Thus, this is likely to be a most harmonious pairing with perhaps only one or two drawbacks...both sometimes having trouble being decisive and both loving to spend money.

I got this from a really cool astrology site, for those who believe in astrology..