First man to take off from the Free throw line


It is I
And no its not Dr. J or MJ

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Wow, this video is wicked.

I've never seen this clip before.

I read once that Russell was amongst the top10 high jumpers in the world at one point.

The stuff I hear of he and Wilt's athletic feats back then are more articles/hearsay than actual footage. They were both athletes ahead of their times.


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Wow! That clip is really incredible. The man took his first step holding his dribble wayyyy before the free throw line. Just wow!!


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Weren't they both 7 footers as well which makes it looks a lot mmore effortless that DJ and MJ.
No, Russell was only 6'9 and about 220lbs. Roughly Kevin Durant's size/dimensions.

Then again eh no NBA player does end up being the "official" height their listed as. I'm slightly taller than Chuck who they claim was 6'6" but more like 6'4" tall weighing who knows how much,lol.

Hakeem was listed as 7'0 255, and I know for sure from seeing him here in his last year in the NBA he wasn't a true 7 footer. Closer to 6'10.

That said it's amazing for a Center to move with that grace and agility in the open floor.


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unless they call the dotted lines the free throw line, he did what all the others after him did