Do You Have Craze of Cigar & Humidor Collection?

Hi All! :derisive:

First of all, I want to confirm that I am not a smoker, but in this quarantine, I found a new hobby. Yes, it is about collecting small and vintage cigars. I love their looks, designs and smell. In the beginning, I was receiving them in a single leather box, but my dad suggested me to use a humidor to store them for a long time. In this regard, I found very classy cigar humidors here and about to pick one. Please share your suggestions for a suitable humidor.

Probably, I would love to collect them for years. Do you think humidor would be enough in this regard or I would also need a cooler? I am still discussing such things with my dad, and according to him, we can sell these cigars after a few years at a reasonable price. However, I am also willing to collect vintage cigar boxes and accessories like these.

It would also be great if you share your cigar and accessories collection. I would love to watch them.

Also, I need some online stores that sell vintage cigar humidors and other stuff. Your suggested would be appreciated.