denzel washintons hero acts


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did u know dat denzel washington and his family went to visit a refuge camp and no one knew about it. him and his family went to visit a camp in america wer wounded soldiers are they werew pact tight full of wounded people. and all of a sudden he ask the host how much would it cost to pay for one of the huts were thet were stayin. then he pulls out his checkbook and pays on the spot for more huts to be made with his money. how could no1 put this on the news it was in there local news paper but no1 else knew how cud dey bother to put all these crap problems about stupid heroes and he is a real hero IS HE DECENT OR WAT HES A REAL HERO TO DA NATION. wah all u tink :good:


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What I want to KNOW is when DENZEL going to make ANOTHER HIT.

I feel that is STAR POWER is SLIDING.