Dat Blasted Bloomberg!!!

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First he want to put up toll booths to get into NYC now he want to raise property taxes by 10-20% :eek: I find that to be damn outrageous. Damn, I know the city has a ton of budget problems but it's becoming almost impossible to live in NY. People getting laid off left and right and can't find jobs. Bloomberg need to take some ah dem damn billions of dollars he have in he blasted bank account and use it to close the budget gap!!!


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With people losing their jobs and still have all their bills to pay , I'm getting really scared , I feel New York is going to get like it was in the early 80's ......the mugging and stealing will start back , you can't wear jewelry and all them bad man go start to walk with their guns .....there is going to be some rough roads ahead :(


That damn man running the city like a damn business firm.

He have to nerve to have a no noise tolerance law meaning me being the panist that I am and plenty other pan people in NY might not be able to play next year.


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I was thinking about the hardships people in the city will be faced with this morning when I heard the announcement about the taxes. As it stands people are struggling, what does Bloomberg want- people to bleed! On top of everything else, he also wants to raise taxes:fyah. Times are really, really tough right now :(
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Dougla Ting

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I love NY so much. There's just nowhere else that you can feel closer to being back home but I'm really considering moving out of NY. NY is really going to the damn dogs and it all started with Guilliani.


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Things are definitely tough and getting worse in most recent times. We may not see a significant change for the better for another decade. What my start to happen is NYC residents will move to other cities.