costume pickup???


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Has anyone heard from IP about when to pick up costumes:confused I had emailed them last month and they said that they would send out info as to when to pick the up.

I'm a newbie so I dunno how this works. Do I just show up there to pick it up when i reach:confused

I'm leaving next Wed so I just wanted to know before I go.

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If you provided your email address to the mas camp, they will email it to you. Also, check the newspapers when you get in-the schedule will be there indicating, time and place.

Costume pick-up starts Monday for most bands. Sections are spreadout through out the week and they recommend you pick up on your schedule day and time.

TRIBE pickup location is Cascadia Hotel, I do not know for IP.


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don't know but recommend that u pickup when u reach that is if u reach during the day .....i think the pick up will be at the country club ? not to sure .