Cost To Build A Home in Washington State?


I have some savings that I want to invest in any profitable venture. I have thought about many businesses, but according to my husband, it is the best idea to build a home in Washington State and give for the rental purpose. With incoming rents, we would also be able to pay off our home loan, and after retirement, we can also go there and live in that home. Actually, we belong to Washington State, and my father-in-law who still lives in Washington State would take care of our home either we give it to rentee or open it for guest travellers.

However, the primary thing that is making me uneasy to take this decision is the cost. I have searched several sites to get some idea of cost, and I found that a 2,800 square single-family home would cost $153 per foot square, but unluckily, this analysis was given in 2017, and I am not sure about the building cost right now. In this regard, I also contacted the World Class Contractors here and hopefully, they would share their estimations with us soon. But, I want to know other sites to get a rough idea about the costs. I would be grateful if you share any source regarding the house building cost ideas regarding the Washington State.

Also, I want to know your views about building a home in hilly and vocational areas of Washington State as compared to the populated cities.

Please come with profound ideas.



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