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I had a lover who cheated on me on some dating sites. How did I find out about this? I decided to make sure I found this application on the Internet that tells you if your spouse has anything to do with dating sites After that, I found out that mine had profiles on some of these Internet portals. With this information, I realized that most likely he was looking for a lover, which was true.


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I've cheated but I already learned my lesson, I'm still with my girlfriend and now 4 years going strong. Perhaps if I didn't cheat, I would have never know how important our relationship to me and to both our family.


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I am preparing for my IELTS exams and in the month of may my exam would be conducted. Although I am trying for for the second time and hope so I can pass this time. Last time I just lose with few points. as resume writer it made me depressed for a week.