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Petit St. Vincent Island Resort-Caribbean, Most Romantic Island Vacation

August 20, 2009 By: WorldBeach Category: Beach Resorts

Petit St. Vincent Resort is a Private Island Resort in the Grenadines, often called PSV. This is a romantic paradise surrounded by two miles of white sand beaches. Petit St.Vincent is about 40 miles south of St.Vincent in the Grenadines; a group of islands sprinkled across what may be the most beautiful stretch of water in the Caribbean. Part of the Windward Island chain, the Grenadines drift southwesterly from St. Vincent, the largest of more than 30 islands that make up the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Petit St Vincent has been tamed just enough to allow for the presence of 22 discreet and simple, yet luxurious cottages. There is no airport, no formal check in, no keys. There are no televisions nor are there telephones in the cottages, which allows for more time with your significant other uninterrupted.

However, instead of a telephone, in front of every cottage there is a little bamboo flagpole with a message box. Raise the red flag and you will not be disturbed.

The immensely private cottages are sited to make the most of their intimate surroundings.

Some are notched into the hills and bluffs to catch the breeze and savor the views, most of which are just steps from the beach. All the structures are naturally air-conditioned with a combination of ceiling fans, louvered windows, cool terra cotta floors and of course, the ocean breeze.

As remote and secluded as they may be, the cottages are exquisitely appointed. Each cottage is built from native blue stone which is actually quarried on the island, with vaulted ceilings made of purple heart wood, blending beautifully with the it¹s terrain.

Each cottage boasts a wooden sundeck, one bedroom, a living room, and one or two bathrooms/dressing rooms, which feature lots of counter space, robes, fluffy towels and a variety of Molton Brown toiletries.

The resort’s culinary endeavors give you the opportunity to enjoy fresh fish, lobster, fruits and vegetables from the island’s own farms and prime meats from a Boston butcher.

There are many activities as well. These warm waters are perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, fishing; Constant breezes allow perfect conditions for sailing and windsurfing all included with your stay.

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