Can non- Jamaicans translate this?


har bress a rub up mi teeth like a chicken gravy... dat line take win :rofl:

that whole song is about di nash being good.. it feel good to him so he singing bout all di different ways that she make him feel good

Namey Namey

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You (2nd person) got it, but one word in that sentence kept it patois lol.
Not really correct

In this case you wouldn't separate yah and so, it would be one word
yahso = here or right here.

yahso nice = here is nice

When you add the A it make it a little different.

A yahso nice means there's no other place to be, or you've been to other places and it's not happening like right here.
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I rell proud I didn't get that.
Dat Trinis so fluent in dis foul bottom language is scary to me.