Buju on 107.5 wbls

I like to cath the Levy shows and last night was a good one.
Buju spoke of all de fight down he has recieved from the faggot community.
The countless lawsuits they have tried to bring against him. The shows they have protested and shut down.He spoke on the origins of his bye bye tune from years ago. He really wasnt holding back his mouth last night. Dont know what will happen to levy show cause of this but it was a refreshing interview

He spoke on how he has strictly had to rely on his fans to support him cause record labels tried to tell him to do this and that and he wouldnt do it. He even gave some of the things labels and managers do to artists and how it helps to break them money wise.
Shows like his in the garden are great for artists.
Big up Buju and D. Levy.