Bike Ride through Port Of Spain and surrounding communities


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Repect Our Soca Pioneers
Damn trinidad looks really underdeveloped....
The last T&T government that recently got voted out of office deliberately neglected PoS over the last 5 years and invested mainly in the East Indian majority areas in Central and South Trinidad.

The new T&T government plans to invest more in bringing PoS back up to the modern capital city attraction that it is supposed to be.


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yall don't ever stop? btw should Trinidad be a more developed country considering its history of energy resources? YES

is it really looking that underdeveloped from this video? NO looks pretty normal, you see middle class areas, and upper class areas

should Trinidad have given out funds to other Caribbean islands historically? NO they shoulda keep all the money


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Though some places are looking under-developed but I am still a big fan of riding in Spain. Yes, I have become a part of my college's motorcycling tour to Portugal. It was an enjoyable experience. Even you can say I learnt to ride motorbikes from Spain. My dad was there for some official work, and he purchased a Harley Davidson bike from Seville for my brother, but he got injured due to warm oil.

Then, he delivered it to me, and I used it after installing a motorcycle oil cooler like this. Now, I can change its plugs, oil and even can fix several other issues. Motorbiking is an adventure, especially when you are Spain's mountain tour.