Big Sleeper Tunes


Bin Lyin - 3 Canal
Too Lie - Bunji & Singing Sandra
Cook - Sean Caruth & Traffik
Sting She - Riki Jai & Double D
Bachanal is Carnival - Rocky & Ghetto Flex
Fever - forget who sing this tune....


New member
that is some good picks Ward One sings FEVER he is a break off of the group FLAVA. but I must add some more Sleeper tune Iwer's bligh, Machel-Carry On


Its in the music
Right now in the fetes,the tunes that mashing up are

War-Maximus Dan
Tic Toc - Daug E Slaughter
Carry On -Xtatik
Trinidad -Invasion
Peeping - Super P
Mash it up - Burning flames
Getto -Bunji

And the Bands
Xtatik, Surface, Traffic in any order...

Blessing to all


An Ivy of Class
I just heard a tune called "Keep on Moving Now" and I think it's by Traffik and it sounding sweet. I am also adding to the list:

Thelma by South South West- the music, rhythm, everything in this song is sweet.

The Bahn from Antigua have a song with lyrics "my love will never die"- sweet for days.

Honestly there are many sleeper songs this year but hopefully they will not rest for long and we will hear them often. I have to say that the music is sounding good for this year!:)