Before Sean Bell There Was Abner Louima And Amadou Diallo



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i have marched with many

we have shouted in the faces of the nypd foot soldiers

the hate was obvious in their eyes, or maybe it was misovahstanding

my comrades taught me the slogans about being fired up

that they could still take more became all too obvious

krosfyah was who we introduced at my last major protest

without land and real alternatives, to where will the survivours flee

the americas is where we be and this is a place of slavery

but when you carry the afrikans beyond the door of no return

unrelenting fire must itinually burn

i haven't paid too much attention to the case of brotha bell

yet, in my soul the truth of the matter i can tell

some of us will once again, despite all the precedence, take crumbs from the bums

three strikes and you're out is not only a baseball shout

nuff of my family, such as garvey, wear the badge of the deportee

if jamaica is to follow down america's trail what are the plans for the righteous ghetto youths in jail

plead guilty to possession of one spliff and pay a hundred dollars

yeah, i am wise enuff to say not guilty, but what of the criminals in white collars

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Bush Baby
Back in the day, it was more unity.
Statments was made by simple protest and boycottin, not what yuh see going on today.

Lawd I pray for no man on woman of my blood to endure such ################ery.

I fight to the end.