anyone watching the stock market game today?


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I just want to thank One Shot for starting up the game.

Wanna thank that bx guy for making it challenging.

I want to thank all those AMTD share holders that believed in me and stuck with me through tough times

And most importantly, i wanna thank JAH rastafari!


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i hate that i buy someting rather than shortsale it by mistake.fuk!

and amtd sucks frog balls!
dont you hate it when someone that thinks they are soooo damn smart and thinks that they are always right IS INFACT

dont worry essi, that sh!t pisses me off also!



where de crix
hmm its aiight.. ok Washington Mutual coming out with their earnings when the market closes the banking sector seems to be doing quite well for the 4Q their price however has been slipping since opening do you think it will slide further..

also mod can you please make the other post a sticker