Another murder around my way,...


A 31-year-old man was murdered in shocking fashion in Brooklyn on Tuesday - stabbed in the chest by his younger brother, police and relatives said.

Ji-liek English was bad-mouthing a cashier at a Food Dynasty grocery in Crown Heights when his brother, Melson (LT) Simpson, 31, came to the girl's aid, two other clerks at the store said.

The brothers got into a nasty argument that continued as they exited the store and went inside 180 Troy Ave., a building across the street, where their family lives.

"Ji-liek was across the street, yelling threats, and then LT started chasing after him," said cashier Andrea Mullgrav, 46, who watched through a window of the grocery as the drama unfolded.

"They ran into 180. Then LT came out; he was already stabbed. He fell, then he got up and that's when we saw the blood."

Simpson died at a local hospital; his brother was still at large early Tuesday night, police said.

"I went to the hospital, but he was gone before I got there," said Simpson's shocked sister, Ziquasia Green.

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how come they referring to "younger" and "older" brother when the two of them 31