A little white lie


Have you ever told a lie and you find yourself so deep in the lie that you are actually living the lie and enjoying it...[LAUGH]...

My lie is that I told this one guy at my job that I had a boyfriend in NY after he left chocolate at my desk for Valentine last year. I am not the one to date within my job and plus I didn't want to hurt his feelings after he ask me out, so I was like thanks for the chocolate, but I have a boyfriend. He started asking me question about him, so I made up this whole story that he is in NY and so on. Anyways, a couple of the girls at work next to my cubicle overheard that and they too started asking questions. So now everyone at work thinks I have a boyfriend and they always ask me about him. Also, I have to make up stories about going to NY for the weekend and him coming here. Also, I made up a whole story how we met and so on....They are eating this lie up at work. At least I don't have to have other guys at work ask me out....[smile].....

Now your turn....


Reign of Fire...Judgement
"Oh what a tangled web we weave,
when at first we chose to deceive."

Meh gyull...you sound like you put yuhself in a real FIX!!

God be wid yuh!