5 Murders in Trinidad in the past 24 hours


CaribKaraoke.com Owner
Five murders were reported in 24 hours, from La Brea to St James and none of the victims have yet been identified.
- 5PM Man shot dead and left at Lower Circular Road, Dundonald Hill, St James. Male of African descent, wearing black t shirt, blue jeans, black sneakers, cane row hairstyle.
- 7pm Prizgar Lands Laventille, body of male of African descent found with multiple stab wounds.
- 9PM, La Puerta Diego Martin, Male of African descent shot in the head. He was wearing a bullet proof vest and cops found a quantity of Uzi ammunition on him.
- 925PM,Corner 3rd Street and 6th Avenue Barataria, body of man of found wearing black jersey, three quarter jeans
Also last night burnt remains found in car (PDB2486) at Well Road, Chinese Village La Brea.