2003 Superblue!!!!!



Carnival early dis early....Super always release late but dis year he release too too late!!!!

Peace Party is weak...too long time-ish sound like 1996 time period, dat tune cyar reach no where dis carnival!!! ( If you disagree, we will talk after carnival).

Twinkle is much better, it's GOOD, sound like a younger producer produced it. It have a riddim better suited for the younger crowd, BUT it's not a great tune and it's too late for just a good tune to catch on with the people.

This opinion is coming from a die-hard superblue fan!! but I have to be truthful and objective!!!

Maybe Superblue will come better in 2003????
Stranger Reach......again

Breds, if Peace Party is weak, it certainly is not because it sound long-timeish,.... if its weak.... then its weak because its simply weak.

All this time I'm here begging for soca to go back to a time where I could actually hear instruments in a chune and female chorus background singers(Mid-Ninties). But alas, we have arrived in the age of 80Kmph chunes produced in a Lab somewhere.

But back to Blue... give the chunes a chance, they MIGHT grow on you. Sometimes it's takes a bassman in yuh head to feel the vibe of a chune. Super Blue is a poet. The only year he disappoint me was in 99. Although the lyrics of that chune was quite poetic(Countdown).

But yea, he come too late this year to make any impact........or maybe he was not set to make an impact but rather offer yet more contributions to the carnival season. O well....Let Blue Fever live on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stranger Gone.

Prinzez Diva

Imix Official Prima Donna
Thank u Stranger...I agree with alot that u had to say. Anyway, Obeahman said that the song is weak because it is long time-ish. I on the other hand think that is why the song is so great. Super is bringing it back to the original, what made him who he is and the reason his style is constantly copied.

Like Stranger stated Super is a poet and he would rather have a song with meaning than just a song with a bunch of "waving and wining" He rather have a song with some substance (just listen to his lyrics) And that is what "Peace Party" is--A song with meaning.

Anyway, Super has released his music sooner to carnival than this in the past and he have still been able to win Soca Monarch and Road March. To make a long story short--I like Super song this year...it is refreshing to here something different. And I think he is going to do his thing in 2002 and beyond!!

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