2 week get fit crash course


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ok, sneakers are on and running clothes are in bag. Not terribly stressed over man or about work, so no drastic weight loss going on. Gained 5 pounds the other day when away, everything just too tight especially all my lil booty shaking jouvay.com shorts. Have run about 2 times in past year, pilates lasted 3 days. Get winded after bout 2 tunes (especially since I ain't get to dance up to soca in the bahamas and miami)...lawd, a gwine fi dead in miami. Thank de lord dem gwine have some boss Guyanese rum at de fetes!! Plan to run 4 miles today and lift weights and only eat a lil lil bit of dis curry chicken i promise my roommate i cooking fuh dinner! Then i'll do 300 sit ups and 50 squats. Let's see if i can walk in 2 weeks!!!

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HAHAA!! ya toooo damn funny..

good luck girl...I'm right with you on the crash course...we ain't got much time...


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Me too...I started Wednesday

Denise Austin - Arms and Shoulders Tape

Kathy Smith - Peak Toning (lower body)

103.1 - socarobics...

If only this rain would stop I could take a run (2minute) then walk in the park.

Oh well...I go see...

Good Luck...Let the games begin...:)


lawd child you need to retire those shorts they must be getting old and tear up by now...


You worserer than I

eat grilled chicken breasts and fruits galore

drink water until you pee crystal clear

drink your multi-vitamins

200 crunches in the morning....250 at night

speed walk 3 miles every morning/afternoon in your neighborhood park.

i gained and now im losing that sheeyit quick....u 2 can do it!!!

too bad im not going to miami

Don't study it.


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Ah think this is the only time in meh life, dat ah desperate enough, and can swallow enough pride t tuh try de "48 hour Hollywood Diet"....


You worserer than I
make sure you don't pass out.

48 hours of organic fruit juice....well...it doesn't sound too bad on paper..

Don't study it.


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well, walked into work. 1/2 mile. been here 30 minutes, sneaker hurting and i'm hungry. walking back home for a patty. Oh, i'll firm up in miami when dancing. just did to do list for lab work, let's see if i'm better at dat one today.

nah man, dem shorts ain't get a good wine yet, the threads still there. i had a pair i wore in miami last year to a last lap party. was so tired i brace back hard on a bannas whole night...de ting was like string and fluff at de back!


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well, no patty, but just ran 4.2 miles at about a 9.5 minute mile pace. in two weeks must be down to 7.5. cooked curry, but had a burger for free (eeks). going to make some boss bread pudding now. I think they may still serve it at Madibas in Fort Green..scrumptuous. Support de place, part Jamaican owned.


Lots of water
Sprints..... sit ups.....
Purge.... on Saturday before (to get de flat stomach for Girl power)
Lot of sex.. burns calories right before you go to bed!

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That's the one downfall of being single!!! Too little sex...hence
alternate means to lose weight like frigging doing squats to the entire Rupee CD and going for another boring run. How about the lil paunch being in dis year..dat sexy piece of flesh covering the abs?
Hmmm, maybe i should find a new 2 week man.

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WOW :eek: If ah follow allyuh regimen ah should have a 6-pack for Trini Carnival. ;) I'm cutting down on red meat and refined carbs plus crunches, yoga and Pilates.

Good luck to allyuh!