‘Double D’ gripes over show



Soca performer turned fete promoter Double D (Darryl Durham) is today picking up the pieces after his Soca Tremor fete last weekend went bust.

The event, which took place on Saturday at Mobs2, Chaguaramas, was supposed to feature four soca bands and 30 solo acts, attracted only about 400 patrons.

Because of this, Durham said he has lost over $185,000 and is now a very bitter man who believes soca music is in a lot of trouble.

“I want those soca artistes out there to check themselves and recognise what is really going on with soca. Soca music is in big trouble if four of the top soca bands and 30 top soca artistes cannot draw even 500 people to a fete,” he said.

The entertainer’s troubles don’t end there though.

Durham said yesterday some artistes including Bunji Garlin, who were paid to perform at the show failed to show up. He is very angry over this because he believes these performers have disrespected him.

He said he is going to take steps to retrieve the money paid to these artistes.

Durham said he even paid for radio programmes that promoted not only his event, but also the music of the performers of the event.

“They always complain that they don’t get enough airplay. I paid for 1,000 spots, including several half-hour and hour-long programmes on different radio stations. I had to beseech my fellow entertainers to go on these programmes to promote themselves and the ‘Soca Tremor’ event.” he said.

“Only two of the 30 artistes appeared on any promotional radio/TV shows in support of the event. They were Maximus Dan and Bunji Garlin. I was forced by Bunji’s manager Ian Pantin to give Bunji an hour programme on a radio station last week Thursday,”.

Durham said he paid Bunji’s manager, Ian Pantin, $3,000 before the event and the reigning Soca Monarch never showed up.

Pantin said he received only $1,500 and he had advised Bunji not to come to the event when he realised it was a bust.

He said he had no intention of returning any money to Durham.


Damn this is very sad to here what happened to meh cousin Darryl ( Double D ) but this is not the first time this issue has occur not only in Trini but up here too.

I hope some changes occur soon And if the story bout Bunji is really true I'm very disappointed in him and his manager.


look meh!
Well I for one am glad this happened. I mean I'm sorry for Double D, who lost a lot from this, something like that should never happen. I'm glad because this should be a wake up call for the industry. It's in bad shape, and something has to be done before it gets worse.

Red Pole

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Hear dis..

Double D should check the contract he had with Bunji & his manager.
Some artists require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit before they perform at any venue. The reason for the non-refundable deposit is so that in case the fete is cancelled or is not a success the artists are at least compensated for the time and effort they put into preparing for the show.
If there is nothing in the contract about non-refundable deposits then ya cousin should sue Bunji's MANAGER for breach of contract


Re: Hear dis..

If there is nothing in the contract about non-refundable deposits then ya cousin should sue Bunji's MANAGER for breach of contract [/B][/QUOTE]

I agree I just hurt bc it's meh cousin who got to go through this by meh favorite soca artist. He was tryin to do a postive ting and them people back home stickin.

I vexx now


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As a promoter, I feel it for him. Trust me, for some promoters, it's not all about the money. Some are dedicated to the developmen t and exposure of the genre and when stuff like this happens in your own country it's like a slap in the face. Big up Double D man, he made an effort.


a couple things:

1 - this sucks for all parties involved.
2 - i have never seen a contract that exempts an artists from performing if the show is a flop! they are contracted to perform whether it is 10 or 10,000 people.
3 - where there other events conflicting with this? was the weather bad? was the promotion shoddy?
4 - this happens to reggae shows all the time (including in JA), although that is partly because there are SO many reggea shows that people aren't always tripping over themselves to go see them.

Ray Davis

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The question is...What was the ticket price for a show with that many artists?? That could have been a factor....


I understand dat he is upset. The Bunji situation is just a regular one wit all artiste and promoters you pay them half the money in advance and the rest later on. This is to make sure that if the promoter doesn't pay dem at the show they still have half the money. And why he only call Bunji name call the rest of the artiste who ain't show up. As a promoter these are the obstacles you will have to face. Sometimes you gain money and sometimes you loose. I wish him da best in the future.