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    Any Paintballers Around???

    OKay so im starting to pick up paintballing and need some advice on whihc paintball gun to buy...right now im tryin to decide between a tippmann or a spyder...
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    Sorry Sencia

    I sorry gyal...i think my one woman army comment got yah thread deleted...who knew :confused
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    Step Out...

    Does any one have a link to the Step Out video by busy signal???
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    so i just bought a nextel blackberry.....can anyone tell me how i can download games and ringtones for it???? :dntknw:
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    R.I.P. D.J. Iceman.....

    i just hear that D.J. Iceman has passed away today due to a heart attack at the age of 22.....if any one has any more information or can confirm this please share.... :(
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    Happy Birthday Sencia.....

    Here's hoping today brings you everything you ever wished for and much more....Enjoy your day and may you have many more to come...:luv oh...yeah here's a little sumting for yah :pig_ball: :kicks
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    okay so we all know what i means to love someone.....but in terms of being in a relationship is there a difference between loving someone and actually being in love with someone....if so what's the difference????:scratch
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    where the drinks for tonight :drinks: :drinks:
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    SBG and DIMEOUT.....

    Come tek an afternoon drink wit ma...... :drinks: :bydebar :bydebar
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    RTT Movement.....

    Searching for some recruits.....who's wit me . . . . . . . . i say we start wit these
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    i would just like all of us to take a moment in appreciation of ME :king: :rofl: . . . . . . . . all other mixers wanting appreciation may post after showing me aprreciation first :dance:
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    Relationships and money....

    so if yah in a relationship and yah partner a little low on cash..... do you give dem some money to help them out, loan them money wit hopes of gettin it back or just keep yah money to yourself.... how does relationships and mone work????
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    :mad :cuss :nhl_check :box :fight :gangsta
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    Name that tune...

    does anyone know the name of this tune and where i can get it.... Girl excuse me for staring your so interesting the way that you move Aye, girl you set my on fire arouse my desire, put me in the mood girl i,i,i, i think that your so fine been waitin in the line, just to catch a whine.. gyal a...
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    I Need......

    a serious back rub . . . . . . . . any female volunteers????
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    :cuss :cuss :cuss just had to get that off my chest
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    Does anyone now of any good websites to see soca and reggea videos:confused
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    What about the Ex????

    Okay, so how do you guys feel about your partner keeping in close contact with their ex. would it bother you, does it matter. What role should the ex play in your partners life??? What do you think imix???? :scratch
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    What to do???

    So everybody done left for DC, so what should the rest of us do:scratch any suggestions:confused
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    1,000 post

    :yahoo:Finally reached 1,000 post. prizes and gifts are more than welcomed :dance: :drinks: drinks all around :drinks: