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    Any Paintballers Around???

    OKay so im starting to pick up paintballing and need some advice on whihc paintball gun to buy...right now im tryin to decide between a tippmann or a spyder...
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    Tuesday Humour

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    Buss De Bar???

    Great party...can't wait til de next:drinks:
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    Happy B-day DaBajanOne !!

    Thanks... I just want to thank everyone for the birthday guys really made my day extra special and i really appreciate the love...:drinks:
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    so i finally reach miami

    I'm in wet willies...where are the rest of you :drinks:
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    WorkOut Crew............

    yeah its kinda expensive but every once in a while you mite catch it on sale...but if yah want results its one of the best...
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    WorkOut Crew............

    Every so often i does take CelTech and NitroTech.. :king:
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    Happy B-Day Just Cute

    :bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABES:bday see you in MIAMI :drinks:
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    Sorry Sencia

    I sorry gyal...i think my one woman army comment got yah thread deleted...who knew :confused
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    how allyuh does get on so?

    i was wondering the samething...PSA where are you :search:
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    girl you a mess...but the trick wit the ceiling fan is yah got to have yah timin and aim make sure yah land on he pole just
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    Happy Birthday Lipsntits74

    :bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY :bday
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    Happy Birthday Uncle Wiz

    :bdayHAPPY Birthday man...bless up...enjoy yah day...:bday
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    Happy Birthday SexyBajanGyal

    :bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY :bday
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    Happy Birthday SexyBajanGyal

    Happy Birthday Sexybajangyal :bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY :bday So now i bet yah tink yah grown but yah aint to grown for a good cut ass.... lol i can't believe its been a whole year already boy does time fly...i've celebrated so many birthdays with you, starting from way back when yah was still a...
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    Happy Birthday.... okay now dis don't mek no sense....i got yah number but im forced to come on islandmix to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Lil Thick Sauce....Dev the way it works is i call and yah pick up de phone....anyway.. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Jazz....See yah sunday :grin:
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    Happy Birthday Miz R

    Now how long i been on this site...but i had to come on to wish my girl a Happy Birthday....enjoy yah day babes:drinks:
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    Happy Birthday Elq!!

    :bday HAPPY BIRTHDAY boy..i hope yah enjoy yah day...i catch yah at de next house lime or something...wishing you de best...blessingson yah day :bday
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    Wall Street After Work Lime ....

    count me in :drinks:
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    Trini in brooklyn

    welcome to the mix...:D