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    ESSI wassup!!! What do you want to know?

    I got thirty min to tell all!
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    Suffolk County Police Officers Exam

    Hello: I am passing the word – Filing open for Suffolk County Police Officers. Starting salary is $57,811. The thing that gets me is that all you need is your high school diploma or equivalency. Tell all the young men and women you know...
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    What do I have in common with my Avitar?

    Tell all the distinct attribute that you have in common with your Avitar.
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    Looking for two bedroom apt

    in brooklyn Preferably.
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    :dirol: I Old man so remember that cause next time I not talking at tall!!!!!
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    Needs advice about LA

    I'm out in LA working and seem to have alot of free time on my hands, does any one know of any cool spots tol go too.? Day or night?
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    I need info

    I'm Flying out to LA on business and then pleasure. Does anyone know of some cool spots to stay at. hotels, night spots, etc.
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    Big O, Storker, Swervin, Destro, Rody Rody, Uncle WIZ, SnapShot, ELQ, Mystic

    They Bringing the Sexies BACK!
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    Who got me drunk at the Black and White fete. I fell on someone and some one jumped on meh. all I remember is you white pants. Damn you asss look good dat night but I can't remember much else?
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    YO watch this.....this dude singing maddd High! PART II

    Yo I just saw this on youttube. This dude is not singing but his voice is madd high!!! <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=""...
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    Soca Passa Passa Part 2 July 28 2006 - WOW!!

    Say it aint so <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425"...
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    {Quest, bumbo clat. minus your definition of being a responsible father, when was de lass time yuh use spell check hoss? wha bout pick up a lil dictionary for some light reading? my gawd, i still cyah believe yuh say piticular, like yuh was really soundin out dem words boy} I'm saying you...
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    Insert your favorite Caption for this pic!

    Ummm damn he looks soo good in that One island T-Shirt!!!!
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    Dougla ting!

    Wassup Moma!!! :friends:
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    This place seems weird.

    Damn I haven't been gone that long but with all the new names or name changes I hardly feel like i'm familiar with IMIX!
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    So I got the ring back!!!

    I was engaged untill earlier this year and called it off. I asked for my ring back and she gave it to me. Was I wrong for this? just looking for opinions on the topic.
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    Maturity or better yet lack of Maturity!!

    I would like to start off this post with an apology to everyone that I have or may have offended. I’ve never had any malice or bad intentions towards anyone on this site or off. Now with that said I will reference this post toward myself. At times in my life I lack maturity which contributes...
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    Should Quest throw a BBQ on the 4th!

    I'm taking a poll to see how many ppl will want to attend a bbq at my yard on the 4th???
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    Do you live in the NYC metro area?
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    A Womens Dream come true!!!!