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    How things are going in your area?

    Hang in there. I'm sure in due time, we will all get past this pandemic as vaccines are being readily available. Hopefully, in the early months of next year, it will be available globally. :)
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    How things are going in your area?

    Has your own city/state done a good job so far for containing Covid-19 cases? We're all got bothered and worried when this pandemic hit the world. We became anxious about our health, our safety, and our family's and loved ones' so it's better to know that in our backyard and community that we...
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    College Student Tips

    Great tips for coming students in college. It would be even better if you add the adjustments students will have to take note of during this pandemic. :)
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    Your Favorite Instagram Models !

    Bella Hadid for the win!
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    Biden won't quarantine after he's been around infected people

    Joe Biden WON'T quarantine despite sharing a plane with team member positive for coronavirus Do we wish for his death now or later?...hard to keep up with the rules.
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    Free time

    Hey @Oliver There are lots of dating apps that you may want to try in case you haven't found yet your "the one" there. But I wish you luck!
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    Soca 2021! Thread!

    Great videos @dreadman so cool to my ears, will love to put them on my youtube playlists.
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    Advise a good online casino, with decent wages?

    You may want to look at this too. But like Prayforreggae said, it would better to read enough reviews and compare it to other sites reviews before choosing one.
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    Can I use a regular seating chair to do my shoulder workouts? (dumbbells, weight)

    I plan to do Arnold presses and snow angels while seated on the above chair. Will doing these workouts be fine on a chair like this?
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    Which Drug Is Best For Solving Men's Physical Issues?

    I have checked the review link and there were zero reviews. :/
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    10 healing teas

    Thanks for these choices, I would love to try them all and see the benefits myself. :)
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    Can an Aspirin a Day Keep Cancer Away?

    If healthy vegetables and fruits are widely available in your area and you utilize it for your advantage and you love to do exercises to be fit then I don't see the point of trying Aspirin to reduce your risk to cancer. :)
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    Cardio Training

    There are many conditioning exercises that you may want to try, all available in youtube such as this one:
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    How to arrange care for elderly parents during the covid period?

    It will really depend on the decision of your elderly. However, if they can agree with both options, then it's better to hire a health agency to care for them.
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    What is a mobile laser nail treatment?

    Is it still ok to try over-the-counter products like lotrimin to see if it's enough to treat fungus before getting a laser treatment?
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    Impact of Blockchain Technology in Real Estate Industry

    Great to know for sharing this, appreciate it a lot.
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    Free time

    Rest is anything about quiet time, like sleep and reading books.
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    What do you think about escort?

    This is the best shot, it's clean, affordable and excellent.
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    Eating For Beauty

    These foods will make you look younger: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Green Tea Fatty Fish Dark Chocolate/Cocoa Vegetables Flaxseeds Pomegranates Avocados
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    Looking for Health and Fitness Mobile App!

    there are a lot of health and fitness mobile apps availablein the market today, to name afew: MyFitnessPal Headspace Fitplan Aaptiv